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RAVE-cruitment, founded in 2000, is a Dutch leading full-service ICT recruitment agency.

Located at the Science Park in Amsterdam, we recruit the best ICT people & deliver the best ICT recruitment services. With our global network, cross-border focus & in-depth experiences, we are able to help our clients getting the best ICT professionals.

Our goal is the perfect match! It’s simple, it’s clear, it’s what we do best at RAVE-cruitment.

I definitely recommend this course to Recruitment peers Fleur van Dijk, Sr. IT Recruiter
Relocation Recruitment is a solid & successful service and RAVE-cruitment puts in an important personal touch. Anthony Hibbert, Managing Director
He managed to take care of a rather impressive amount of hires by searching LinkedIn, Monsterboard and Google, thus lowering the cost per hire substantially. Joke Horsman, HRM manager
I worked with RAVE-cruitment several times. I appreciated the quality of work, attention to details and speed in dealing with candidate profiles. Andrea Zuccolo, IT Operations Manager

The Team

rave-rob-123x123-min Rob van Elburg
RAVE-cruitment’s founder studied Human Resources Management and Business Economics. His career began in 1992. He has worked in London & The Hague for large Recruitment firms. In 2000 he started RAVE-cruitment. These days, he’s an IT Recruiter with extensive search, training and interim results at leading ICT companies. Webworld described him as a “must connect IT Recruiter”. He’s listed as a Global Top 25 HR speaker.
gijs-min Gijs Notté
RAVE-cruitment’s CEO studied Management & Economics. He entered RAVE-cruitment in 2007. Gijs is the driving force behind the Amsterdam Expat Center’s partnership & all Amsterdam in Business development. He’s specialized in Relocation Recruitment. Besides IT Recruitment, you can contact him for all permits & tax rule matters.
mieke-min Mieke Boot
Office manager and relocation specialist at RAVE-cruitment. Mieke has a strong background in office management within international, dynamic and fast-growing IT organizations and is an expert in communication improvement. She is making sure all internal processes run smoothly and watches over our NEN 4400 certification.

Honours & Awards


The following list of clients are some of the companies we have successfully helped with their IT staffing need
intrum justitia
surf sara

Permanent Staffing

RAVE-cruitment’s permanent staffing operation was established to provide a high-quality, professional recruitment service in the ICT market.

Our total quality recruitment program means that we have a fully integrated search and selection process including:

  • Detailed assignment briefing
  • Extensive search in The Netherlands, Europe and worldwide if needed
  • Professional interviews
  • Fully validated testing procedures, as well as online assessments and behavioral interview techniques

The right people on the right job at the right place at the right time. The perfect match! Our goal in permanent staffing!


+31 (0) 20 – 718

Temporary Staffing

Technology makes the world smaller and make changes go faster. Organizations continuously need to adapt to the new situations and deliver quality is all circumstances. We are equipped to help organizations to meet the challenges of today’s fast changing business environment. Within 24 hours we can deliver experienced professionals in various technologies you need to run your daily activities.

  • Business fluctuations
  • Controlling costs
  • Extra hands
  • New orders

Our contract staffing services is a tailor made solution to fill your short-term needs for qualified employees. We offer contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement options to quickly increase your workforce. Of course we’ll find only the best-of-the-best people. Delivering quality is what we do best at RAVE-cruitment.

Please check our section IT consultants for availability


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Kennismigrant Payroll Service

This service can be provided to companies outside the Netherlands without a legal presentation in the Netherlands or companies in the Netherlands without an IND status as recognized sponsor (erkend referent) that want to hire a Highly Skilled Migrant (kennismigrant)

RAVE-cruitment is NEN 4400 certified and official recognized sponsor (erkend referent) for purpose of stay labour (including Highly Skilled Migrant), issued by the Dutch government.

In general. this is how it works:
– the worker will be formally employed by RAVE-cruitment and will receive a work permit via RAVE-cruitment. This takes approximately 3 weeks after application. If he/she already lives in the Netherlands and has a valid Highly skilled Migrant permit, it takes only 1 day.
– this permit allows him to live and work in the Netherlands and travel through Europe;
– RAVE-cruitment will have no authority over this worker and he can be stationed anywhere in the Netherlands (at a client or a temporary office for example)
– the employment conditions can be determinate by you although there is a minimum required gross salary which is € 3.170,-* per month for worker below 30 years of age and € 4.324,-* per month for worker from the age of 30. (*2017 salary criteria)

This service includes:
– arranging work permit, social security number, bank account and all necessary registrations;
– relocation assistance in general (if applicable);
– 30% tax ruling application (if applicable);
– monthly salary administration and payment.

More info via: Gijs Notté, email:, phone: +31(0)20 7184500


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Inhouse IT Recruitment Solutions

RAVE-cruitment offers IT Recruitment Solutions in all tailor made ways. We provide a complete Recruitment process from Search and Selection, introduction, planning and management of workers through to the provision of extending management reports & KPI. It’s all a matter of what you want & need:

  • Inhouse Searchers to screen all database’s & Social Networks
  • Inhouse Recruiters to do all interviews & screen all CV’s via own website
  • Inhouse Headhunters, to call or contact long- or shortlist
  • Inhouse Training, for the right IT Recruitment training on the job
  • Inhouse Recruiters, for all tasks in an end-to-end process
  • Inhouse Advice, for Mobile, Network, Internet, Website, Social Media, or any Tool & ATS.

RAVE-cruitment gives you a state of the art solution in all Recruitment matters. Are references are great. For sure we can support you.


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Search & Sourcing

LinkedIn says that RAVE-cruitment’s owner Rob van Elburg is a top 10 power Sourcer.

We search in the newest & most advanced networks, databases & people aggregators like LinkedIn – Facebook – Twitter – Xing – Stackoverflow – Google – Bing – Yahoo – Monster Europe – Talentbin and more.

We deliver:

  • Inhouse Executive Search
  • Agency Executive Search
  • Talent Acquisition target list
  • Long- & shortlist
  • The Search & Sourcing tailor made solutions you are looking for.

Let’s contact. We are very proud to share recent results & references. For sure they’ll make a difference in your business as well.


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Relocation Recruitment

Adding service to make relocation easier, faster & better.

The ICT market in Holland has a huge shortage in ICT people. So if we have to fill all ICT jobs, people have to relocate from other countries around the world. And why not? The ICT language is the same everywhere.

Moving countries offers a lot of challenges and we take care of the largest ones. This includes:

  • Permits and visas
  • Bank account and tax number
  • Locating suitable housing (and we even pay the first month’s rent!)

This removes many of the stresses so the newcomer can concentrate on the reason he has moved to Holland; his new job!

This services is called Relocation Recruitment. We offer this to clients for one set fee. Relocation Recruitment always fills any open ICT vacancy; that’s the best part about it! It’s easy, smart, professional & quick because throughout the process – from the match to the relocation – there is only one consultant involved.

Relocation Recruitment = Job – Relocation – Permits – Housing – 1 Fee – 1 Recruiter.


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IT Employer Branding

It takes more than a good brand name to attract (and keep) the best talent.

RAVE-cruitment can advice, train, support, outsource and realize all your IT employer branding matters:

  • Interviews with manager or employee for corporate website
  • Product launches
  • Event reports
  • Campagnes
  • Community
  • Intranet, website & social media

ING IT Event Tour – Blog Brightday – Communication IT Target Groups via iPad robots.


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Training & Education

In co-operation with the “Academie of Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie“, a leading Dutch training institute, we offer the Masterclass “Recruitment IT Professionals”.

This training is specifically designed for non-IT professionals like Recruiters & HR Managers and explains IT terminology, gives a clear view on the IT market and shows how to recruit the best talent available.
Average score for this unique IT Recruitment training is 8.2!

Next to the famous open training Masterclass “Recruitment IT professionals”, we can offer several other (in-house) courses to get the right IT job or to recruit the best IT candidates.

· Interview training – will help you to interview IT candidates based on STAR & the RAVE-cruitment career matrix.
· Competency based interviews – how to recognise the competencies required for a role and how to handle competency based interview questions.
· Recruitment for (ICT) Managers – This recruitment training for ICT Managers explains ICT in social networking like Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter. Also it shows the possibilities in the market, how to write a good ICT job description, what & how to ask in an interview and the power of referral recruitment

Ask RAVE-cruitment about a tailor made training solution to help you improve your recruitment process.


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ICT labour market analysis & reports

We review and analyse the ICT labor market of your ICT target group or vacancy and give you a clear advise how to recruit them.
We provide evidence-based labour market analysis using the most up-to-date reliable information & statistics available.

The report contains information about:
– ICT labor market in general
– number of potential candidates in a specific field and with specific technical knowledge
– number of active jobseekers within the target group
– top 5 biggest employers
– advise where and how to recruit the target group

More info via: Gijs Notté, email:, phone: +31(0)20 7184500


+31 (0) 20 – 718

IT Consultants

RAVE-cruitment is continuously looking for the best IT consultants worldwide who pursue an international career. After a thorough selection and a technical assessment, we bring the most promising talents to the Netherlands. We'll contract them and arrange the necessary permits and housing so that they can immediately start on challenging projects in the Netherlands. They can either start on a flexible hourly rate or a long term fixed rate. In both cases with the possibility to hire him permanently.

One of the biggest platform for IT professionals in The Netherlands, Computable, said about this service: "The top IT professionals, hired by RAVE-cruitment are quickly and easy employable. This is good news for organizations that do not have the resources to recruit, relocate and take care of all administrative issues, but still want to quickly deploy the best IT engineers. The specific knowledge and service of RAVE-cruitment offers unique link in the development of Amsterdam as technogolie- and IT city"

Profile of our IT consultants:
Education:Technical University
Experience:at least 4 years development experience
Communication skills:fluent in English
Personality:adventures with good sense of humor
  • Education in Technical University
  • at least 4 years development experience
  • fluent in English
  • adventures with good sense of humor


A new job in the Netherlands also means new surroundings, a new language and new contacts in work as well as out of it. Even with all the practical matters being taken care of, the transfer will be challenging.
Below you will find some important information, related to relocation to the Netherlands. Preparation is the first step to a successful relocation.